The Healing Alternative
The Integrative Approach

The integrative use of Acupuncture, and other types of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Chinese Herbal Medicine, combined with a blend of eastern and western nutrition is a unique way to combine the benefits of Eastern and Western Medicine.  The approach is holistic, treating the body and mind. 

Acupuncture treats the root or cause of the illness, pain or disease while Western medicine treats the symptoms.  Although Acupuncture alone is very effective, when combined along with conventional Western medicine it can be a powerful complement that enhances your conventional medical care. Acupuncture can be effective for treating the side effects of Western drugs including side effects from chemotherapy, nausea, pain, GI discomfort, fatigue, body aches and more.

In certain cases, when using acupuncture or Chinese Herbs to treat disease or pain, the need for Western medicines may even be decreased.  Acupuncture can be used along with physical therapy to relieve pain.  it  is an effective alternative treatment for treating pain anywhere in the body, such as migraines and relief from the symptoms of menopause, depression, anxiety and stress.  In some cases these symptoms can be handled with Acupuncture instead of Western drugs, avoiding the side effects of drugs altogether. 

By combining acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine with proper nutrition -- the cornerstone for healing, and building the body’s immunity and maintaining health, the patient experiences a holistic approach to their healthcare, often achieving lasting beneficial effects.