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What our clients say

 Jeanine P. & James

Jeanine talking about herself...

"I was constantly sick from cough and congestion.  I felt as though I could not travel, workout or even work due to the deep constant persistent cough.   It affected not only my quality of life with my family but also impacted my ability to work. 10 Years ago after an illness I met with a person who studied herbal medicine and found the immediate effects amazing.  I researched people who studied herbal medicine in the area called several people and narrowed it down to Tamara Allen.  She was knowledgeable and took her art seriously.  Within 3 days I was sleeping through the night and within weeks completely symptom free.  This has been life altering - I have a whole new outlook on life -- I can live it! "

Jeanine talking about James...

"James is a seven year old boy who has Asperger's syndrome.  Like many autistic children he suffers from ADD and ADHD.  He had trouble with focus and using appropriate behavior and needed many assistants at school.  James averaged 20 inappropriate behaviors a day.  After receiving  pressure ball treatments and taking a prescribed herbal formula,  James' attention dramatically improved.  He went from 20 non-compliances per week  at school to zero --  and no longer requires in-class supervision.  He is also interacting with his siblings and peers more, and is communicating feelings.  "

Upton, MA

"Thank you, Integrative Acupuncture.  Since starting treatments, you have changed my life.  You have helped me get back to doing some of the things I once did.  I appreciate your clinical, professional approach & you have always made me feel totally comfortable & at ease.  I recommend acupuncture to whomever needs more than Western medicine can provide.  I am having the treatments with the endorsement of both my primary physician & cardiologist. "

Wendy Gion,
Charlton, MA

"I was first introduced to acupuncture in the winter of 2007, shortly after a diagnosis of breast cancer. 
I knew I had a hard road ahead of me with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, all of which carried their own burden of side effects.  Acupuncture was recommended to me by my oncologist at the Zakim Center at Dana- Farber Cancer Institute as being highly effective for chemo-induced nausea and neuropathic pain. I was more than willing to give it a try. 

My visits with Tamara Allen at Integrative Acupuncture started well before my surgery to strengthen my system as well as treat minor ongoing issues such as lower back pain and a hefty dose of anxiety. 

The first improvement I noticed was my lower back was no longer "tweaky" after just one visit.  I felt calm and in control, realizing I was doing everything I could for myself.

I was treated post-surgery for 4 months with ACT.  For those of you not familiar with that ominous acronym, it stands for Adriamycin/Cytoxin followed by Taxol.  AC causes nausea and can cause loss of appetite.  Taxol can cause neuropathic pain which ranges from tingling/numbness in the extremeties to extreme pain.  It can cause permanent nerve damage.  At 40, leading an active life, I was terrified of this prospect.

 I went for acupuncture weekly and am happy to say I had zero nausea, great appettite and the mild numbness I did develop with Taxol   disappeared a few months post chemo.
 In addition, although fatigue was an ever-present specter, I was able to work nearly full time.

 Both chemo regimens can permanently shutdown the ovaries, leading to premature menopause. If my cancer had been estrogen responsive, this would have been a blessing, but it was not.   Menopause would have only put me at early risk for osteoporosis.  Once again, acupuncture came to the rescue. After nine months of missing my monthly cycle, my menses returned and is now regular.

 I have continued to go for weekly treatments as I progress on my road to full recovery.
 My oncologist at my last visit said I look fantastic.
Tamara is currently working on muscle stiffness caused by the radiation treatments and I find it is helping.  Treatments are relaxing and the room is always comfortable and warm.   The office in Westboro is easy to find and parking is ample. 

All I can say is thank you Tamara and thank you acupuncture!    "